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Why Teach a Kid to Tie Their Shoe?

These are some very interesting statistics I ran across. Has your child learned to tie their shoes yet? If so, how did he learn? If not, One, Two, Tie My Shoe is the answer to your prayers.

1. Teaching the kids to tie their shoes is a job for the child's parents not for the teacher.

  • 60% of the kids were taught to tie by a parent.

  • 25% were self taught.

  • 5% were taught by siblings. The remaining 10% were taught by teachers, aunts, cousins, friends, grandparents, and one learned from a book!

2. Kids prefer shoelaces over slipons and Velcro.

  • 60% prefered shoelaces.

  • 31% prefered slipons.

  • 9% preferred Velcro.

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