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How it All Began

The birth of One, Two, Tie My Shoe all began when Mendy K. Hassen, Company Founder, noticed the frustration her daughter, Ashley Rae, went through while trying to tie her shoes for the first time. Ashley was able to make one bunny ear, but was unable to make the second because she needed two hands.


When Mendy realized the problem, she thought, “If I could only come up with something to hold the first bunny ear together, then Ashley could use both hands to make the second bunny ear and tie the bow.”


This was when Mendy created her colorful “special rings.” And within five minutes, Ashley tied her shoes all by herself! Rather than getting frustrated every time, tying her own shoes was a fun part of her day, especially when she matched the colorful “special rings” with outfits she wore! Since then, Mendy went on to patent One, Two, Tie My Shoe and established a company to manufacture and market the shoe tying kit.


Although Mendy’s children are all grown up, you will find her volunteering in schools helping children tie their shoes while reinforcing faculty members and parents the importance of instilling self-confidence in their children while learning a skill they will use the rest of their lives.


“I got the One, Two, Tie My Shoe Kit today.  As soon as my son got home from school, he tried it... and done!


He learned to tie his shoes in just minutes!  I've been waiting 8 years for this, Thank You!!!”

Sarah G.

Helping Children Learn to Tie Their Shoes

Teaching Children with Autism


Children with autism learn differently than other children, and they may have more difficulty learning how to tie their shoes. Tying shoes is not only a matter of coordinating the hands, but also getting the patterns correct and pulling tightly enough to keep the shoes comfortable.

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