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Testimonials & Success Stories

As the proud founder of One, Two, Tie My Shoe it brings me no greater joy than to hear your success stories.  Please feel free to submit a testimonial of your experience with my product.  As always, I appreciate your business and thank you for your submission.

Shoe Tying Kit - $8.99

Your shoe tying kit will include:

  • Instructions on Shoe Tying

  • Illustrations on How to Tie Shoes

  • 12 "Special Rings" to tie the shoes

  • And a Success Sticker

5 year old soon learns to tie his shoe in 2 minutes

Cece - East Point, GA


My son is 5 years old.  He has ADHD and mild Autism.  So, needless to say that most childhood milestones took a bit longer but we got through it, and he accomplished it.  However, we had been trying to teach him to tie his shoes for 2 years, with NO luck. His self esteem was down, he was depressed and even teased in school by the other kids because they could tie their shoes and he couldn’t.  I disparately began a web search….and thank God I found the answer.  One Two Tie My Shoe is the best invention since sliced bread!!!  It only took 2 minutes and my son was tying his shoes BY HIMSELF…did I mention that we had been trying to teach him this skill for 2 years.  His confidence and self esteem has been boosted greatly!  Now he unties his shoes, just to re-tie them again.  THANKS One Two Tie My Shoes; you have really made the difference by teaching my son to tie shoes!!

Gabriel learned to tie his shoes!

Debbie S.


Gabriel learned to tie his shoes after seeing the video just once. Thank You!!! He is so proud.

Learned to tie his shoes after school

Sarah G.


II got the One Two Tie My Shoe Kit today. As soon as my son got home from school, he tried it...and done! He learned to tie shoes in just minutes. OMG--8 years I've been waiting for this! Thank you sooo much!

Confident and independent through shoe tying



I want to tell you that your product really works. I tried it today with my son Miles and he was able to tie his shoes after a few tries. I will be recommending your product to my friends and family. I feel that my son is on his way to becoming more confident and independent because he learned shoe tying.

Jack tying his shoes all by himself

Wanda P. - Sugarland, TX


My son, Jack, is tying his shoes all by himself now, thanks to One, Two, Tie My Shoe. He is so proud of himself. He tied his shoes the third time he tried it.

10 Year Old Learns to Tie Shoes

Vanessa H. - Ft. Worth, TX


My daughter, Elizabeth, is 10 yrs. old and has a lot of physical challenges. I have tried for years to teach her how to tie her shoes and have had no success. I purchased One, Two, Tie My Shoe and worked with her for one night and she was able to grasp the concept of tying shoes. It brought me to tears as I watched her gleam with joy over her accomplishment of learning to tie her shoes. I am very grateful to Mendy and One, Two, Tie My Shoe.

Emily learned to tie her shoes in just minutes

Cathy C. - Houston, TX


I met Mendy at a conference and purchased One, Two, Tie My Shoe for my daughter. My daughter, Emily, sat down right then and there and Mendy showed her how to tie her shoes. She tied her shoes all by herself the second time she tried it. I ended up buying 5 more kits for Emily's friends. Emily was so anxious to go to school the next day and teach her friends how to tie their shoes. This is a great product and I highly recommend it!

Special needs children learn to tie their shoes

Linda H. - Fairbanks, Alaska


IWhen One Two Tie My Shoe arrived, I started working with my son who is autistic. I sent one of the kits to his intensive resource teacher so she could work with him as well. I was working with him the other day and he got it! He tied his shoe with minimal reminders to leave a hole for the “bunny ear” to go through on the first try. He wanted me to leave the special rings on his shoes because he liked the colors. Sometimes I forget how long it may take for him to get a skill down. I used your kits for three of my children, including the two with special needs. I love seeing them become more independent, even with tying their shoes. Thank you for creating One Two Tie My Shoe and helping my special needs children learn to tie their shoes. I wish something like this would have been around when I had to teach my two oldest daughters to tie their shoes. It would have made it easier and quicker.

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