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Shoe Tying Help

Are you in need of shoe tying help because your methods are not working? Are you getting frustrated your child isn't learning how to tie their shoe?

That is exactly what led Mendy Hassen to create One, Two Tie My Shoe, the 5 minute shoe tying kit. Both she and her daughter were getting frustrated because nothing was working. Her daughter Ashley could make one bunny ear to start, but would then drop it to form the second one because she needed two hands. Mendy knew she needed to come up with something to keep the first bunny ear in place. After Mendy created her special rings to provide shoe tying help, Ashley was able to tie her shoes within five minutes! Tying shoes became a part of Ashley's daily routine instead of a daily fight between mother and daughter.

At One, Two Tie My Shoe we receive countless stories about children getting the hang of it after a few quick attempts with the special rings for shoe tying help. We are confident that this kit can teach any child to learn how to tie their shoes.

We are confident that this kit can teach any child to learn how to tie their shoes. The One, Two Tie My Shoes kit also works with as a shoe tying help for children with special needs to learn how to tie their shoes and to assist in developing their fine motor skills. The special rings have also been used to help stroke patients to relearn how to tie their shoes.If you are looking for shoe tying help then buy your kit today and help your children learn the skill of shoe tie in as easy as one, two...

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