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7 Signs Your Son May be a Bully

Every school has one. The kid who teases everyone in the classroom. The one who pushes others around — literally and figuratively. The boy who the students say is a bully. We all pray that our son won't become a victim, but what if your little guy is the one doing the attacking? You may think, "no, not my son," but it's possible that love makes you blind to his bad behavior. So how can you tell if he is a bully? We rounded up seven classic signs that your son is the boy all his classmates fear.

1) He Gets Frustrated Easily

Every kid gets upset when they aren't given something they want. If, however, your little guy throws a massive tantrum when things don't go his way, there may be a bigger problem.

2) He Is Overly Competitive

It's OK for kids to be competitive, but a "win at all costs" attitude is not acceptable. If your child feels he has to resort to verbal, emotional, or physical attacks to be the best, then you two need to have a serious talk.

3) He Is Exclusive With His Friendships

Is your tot selective about who he invites over for a playdate? Does he refer to certain classmates as "losers" or "nerds?" This may be a sign that he makes popularity a priority and will do anything to be the top dog.

4) He Blames Others For His Problems

When he gets a bad grade, he blames the teacher. When he's involved in a fight, it's the other kid's fault. If your son refuses to accept responsibility for his actions, it could mean that he thinks he is better than others, which makes him treat his "inferiors" poorly.

5) His Friends Aren't So Nice

We are always told to beware of the company we keep. When you spend a lot of time with someone, you begin to inherit their traits, especially when you're an impressionable child. So if your son is gravitating toward the school's bad boys, it may be time to intervene.

6) He Shows Agressive Behavior

Your son may see this as a sign of dominance, but we see it as a sign of bullying. Whether he's screaming at an adult or hitting his little brother, any type of assault needs to be dealt with.

7) He Has Trouble at School

This has less to do with grades and more to do with behavior. You should be concerned if you receive constant calls from the school principal to talk about your child acting out toward teachers and other students.

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