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Playtime Helps Develop Children's Motor Skills

Being the foundation for all of our movements, motor skills are vital for children to develop. According to Dr. Helen Boehm, psychologist and consultant for child-learning product development company VTech, “From school work to play time, a mastery of motor skills will make a child’s experiences more productive and enjoyable… Parents can play a role in helping their children learn these skills.”

Here are some playtime activities that parents can provide their children to enhance their motor skills:

Music Playing

Whether it's the guitar, piano or flute, playing an instrument provokes children to become proficient which in turn develops fine motor skills. Parents should remind their children how much work it takes and encourage them to practice every day.


Throwing a football, kicking a soccer ball or running, all these activities require well-developed body coordination. Whether it’s playing tag or catching the baseball, parents should spend time outside with their children and encourage them to play. A good exercise with fresh air will go a long way in developing good health and strongly supports motor skill development.

Educational Toys

Educational toys that focus on problem-solving and visual awareness are very beneficial in developing body coordination’s, especially toys that transform into different objects like VTech's Swith & Go Dinos. Transformation features encourage strong perceptual development for children.


Playing with paint is the best time to let kids have fun, creatively express themselves and get messy all while developing their motor skills. So make sure you provide as many color pencils, paint and crayons as needed.

Overall, the more fun activities parents provide for their children, the more developed their motor skills become. These activities are not only productive but can be enjoyable for parents and children.

What playtime activities do you provide for your children?

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