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Top Reasons to Teach Your Kids to Tie Their Shoes

And here they are, the Top Reasons you should teach your child to tie their shoes this Summer:

  • Put an end to the daily morning struggle between you and your child when it comes to what shoes to wear

  • Continue shopping in the grocery store while your child happily ties their own shoe in the cereal aisle instead of asking for the newest sugary concoction

  • Keep their feet secure and supported in tennis shoes all summer instead of flip flops as they run around the neighborhood and at Summer camp

  • Gets them off your iPhone, iPad, iPod, computer, and/or Blackberry for at least a few minutes

  • Their teacher will be so happy with you for teaching this skill when they return in the Fall

  • It gives them bragging rights with their friends who still wear velcro, clearly their mom's are lazy unlike you.

  • It gives you bragging rights amongst the other moms in your playgroup, clearly their children aren't as gifted as yours.

  • Since younger siblings follow the lead of the older ones, maybe just maybe, you will get a two for one special...they both learn to tie their shoes at the same time!

  • Allow your child with special needs to learn an important skill that will bring them a sense of pride and enthusiasm

  • Less worries for you about tripping or getting their shoelaces stuck in a bicycle spoke. Whew!

And the number one reason:

  • You can stick to doing lunges and squats at the gym instead of on the very public playground by bending over to tie their shoes!

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